Why PixalMate

Why pixalmate

We pride ourselves on our pro-active approach and the ability to offer innovative solutions We work with our clients as one marketing team, helping to determine strategic and tactical direction As an extension of your marketing team we will act as a sounding board for any ideas, challenges or to provide insight into new initiatives…offering expertise on tap when you need it We have a proven track record of delivering innovative, successful marketing solutions We passionately believe in what we do but never forget to have fun while we do it A growing client list across a range of industry sectors is testament to our abilities.

Our Values

  • innovative
  • Novelty
  • Originality
  • Time Management
  • 360 approach towards partner satisfaction
  • Be Cost Effective


Uniqueness – Cost Effective – Proficiency – Innovative – Global Presence
We are an Exhibition Stand Contractors

We look after all aspects of your exhibition stand including:

  • Our Advantage


    Innovative Design

    International excellent design level, providing a comprehensive all-round solution

    Professional Team

    Mature team, professional talent, practitioner of “cultural design”, perfect implementer of design effect

    High Technology

    High standard process technology, innovative presentation

    Service guarantee

    Based in New Delhi, serving the global implementation capability, 48 hours of rapid response

  • Why Choose Us

    1. Exquisite design. Expanding brand business across the globe
    2. 32 countries and 118 exhibition cities
    3. One-on-one gold design team to provide a more cost-effective design
    4. Professional standing for 9 years, creating a new standard for international exhibitions
    5. Communicate with the designer and communicate with the customer immediately
    6. solutions to the customer, research customer feedback and modify again,
      deliver final and engineering quotation
    7. On-site exhibition construction, processing site additions, change projects, matching customer exhibits to enter the market, customer acceptance.
    8. Complete the production and preparation work, and complete the procedures for hosting, home, and exhibition halls.