Our Team

team pixalmate bangalor india

team pixalmate

We as a group are proud of our core values and vision that pass through our slogan

“Design Additive”

Our Team

Our people are the core of the Company. Pixalmate  team consist of people from various background who have worked with top notch multi-national and blue chip company of the world at various levels .

Member of the core team consist of people who have worked with leading and respected financial institutions of the world like Citi Bank N.A , HSBC , American Express , ING and also top 10 advertising agency in India like Percept EMC , Madison World .

We are a small but growing team of committed, motivated people, who are dedicated to delighting our customers by providing the best possible services .

At Pixalmate we have gathered a team with a phenomenal track record of business achievement and customer satisfaction.

And we are working hard to make  Pixalmate a leading Exhibition Service Provider in India and abroad.

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