Hyderabad Exhibition Stall Designers India Med Expo 2014

Hyderabad Exhibition Stall Designers India Med Expo 2014

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India Med Expo 3 day even Hyderabad. Conferences, seminars, product launches and networking opportunities. participants of event  surgical equipments, healthcare products and hospital equipments during this event. The attendees will share the same platform with industry leaders and market regulators and will discuss various business strategies with them. Hospital managers and directors, microbiologists, chemists, surgeons and government officials will participate in this event and will discuss about the roles of modern equipment and technology in healthcare industry. The participants will have the opportunity to meet and interact with foreign delegates and to explore international market.exhibitions is good platform for all companies,pixalmate is the company who design and fabricate in exhibitons. we are  in top  20 company in india’s exhibitons company

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