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Exhibition Stall Designer PU Tech India

Exhibition Stall Designer PU Tech India:-

About PU Tech India 2020

The largest polyurethane event in South Asia! This major event will offer polyurethane processors in India and abroad a unique opportunity to meet and discuss their requirements with the representatives of world’s major suppliers of raw materials, processing equipment and other services.

PU Tech India 2020 is actually a stage where several prime solutions and products are to be put on show. These will be about Polyurethane, Polyurethane Manufacturing, Raw Materials and Polyurethane Systems.

The PU TECH Exhibition and Conference, will bring together, raw material producers, equipment suppliers, end-users and the industry at large under one roof for a comprehensive growth of technology and markets.

3rd International Exhibition and Conference on Polyurethanes is organized biennially.

PU TECH India is taking place from 01 April 2020 to 03 April 2020. PU TECH India is an exhibition trienal held in New Delhi. Usually in the month of April. 

Custom Booth Designer PU Tech India 2020:-

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Aerospace, Defence, Railways, Automotive, Mass Transportation, Building, Construction, Bedding, Clothing, Electrical, Footwear, Automotive Seating, Bedding & Comfort Products, Coating, Additives & Auxilliary Chemical suppliers, Machinery Manufacturers, Processors of Polyurethane, Composites, Elastomers – Cast, Elastomers – RIM, Elastomers – RIM Automotive, Elastomers – TPU, Flexible Foam, Insulated Panels.